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UK.Photo.MV Ltd


Manoj Nawoor is a distinguish and well known photographer who has a long and fruitful career as photojournalist with 30 years of experience in all major newspapers in Mauritius. His passion for photography and his flair for news have gifted him with lots of scoops and breaking news. Dedication and hardworking have always been his motto to be a good photojournalist. In newsrooms, he is still recognized as a prolific and sharp photographer and has successfully been appointed as, Chief Photographer of L`Express, Tribune and Le Matinal. As a press photographer, he has a good track record for some major political events.


In 2006 - Launching of UK.Photo.MV Ltd and is now a fulltime freelance photographer and videographer currently working for magazines and newsletters, as well as for communication agencies and high profile corporate companies, till date with the following:

Air Mauritius -ACCA- AMM ( Made in Moris ) - Bank of Mauritius - Barclays Bank -Business Mauritius - Courts Mammouth - European Union - Emirates - FSC - IMF - Institutional Expert Servics - KPMG - MCCI - MIPA - MGI - MHC - MC Vision - OCORIAN - National Computer Board - NPCC - WMA - South African High Commission - SBM Bank - SWAN - SummerTimes - Whitefield Business School